As you can tell ........ 

As you can tell from the long gaps, I am not a big blogger. I do however, want to take a moment of your time and say Thank you for all your support and interest. 2018 and 2019 have found me in new territory as a composer of background music for a variety of shows, and the opportunity to join in my opinion, one of the best 80s tribute band, The Breakfast Club. Please stay tune as I am working on creating a video for my last release, Learning To Fly, which will be featured on the website as well as YouTube.

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April already! 

April already!

Hi to all ! It has been a very eventful four months of the new year so far. I joined an original band called Plural, forming a cover band (no name as yet), and continue to play with Fountain of Life Praise and worship team. 

In the midst of all this, I have the opportunity to write several short selections for a music library. I am looking forward to shoot and release my next video ONE in May. I hope the new year has thus far filled you with happiness! 

Favorite Memories of 2015 


2015 show was a tremendous year. The fondest memories I have of 2015 was being able to reconnect with friends that I had not seen in over twenty years! Thanks to Facebook, I was able to reach out and connect with these dear friends from Florida. I am grateful for also getting to spend time with my parents who are now in their 80's. Also as a parent, spending time with your child is priceless, watching them learn new things, the joy of providing for them. How was your year?

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