1. Let Me Go

From the recording Let Me Go

This scorcher addresses the issue of how much is too much and was it all worth it in the end?


Let Me Go
From ashes they came on the morning wind
Disciples of mammon, no conscious of sin
Laying upon the treasures of earth
This is the cry that brings forth mirth
Caught in a grasp they can’t shake free
Relinquish the soul of humanity
Now enter the realm of the fabled prince
That in which loyalty is easily convinced
Let me go
Let me go
Storm a new land take all at will
Destiny proclaimed and the right to use it
Presence alone signals virtue no more
Wealth or greed, the same at the core
Inherit the earth as the kingdom of man
This is choice and the right to use it
This mantra called upon to serve thy need
Oh Father in Heaven please pull back on me
Let me go
Let me go
A penitent man down on m knees
Father in heaven is it too late to plead?
Riches, desire, were my master
As life expires did it all really matter?